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Ben and with the help of Gwen , Kevin , Julie and ship were able to foil the latest plan from Charmcaster  , and sent her packing
Ben and Kevin high fived each other
when suddenly Grandfather Max RV appeared
Ben looked Max rolling down the windows

“Uncle Max?”

Maxwell Tennyson pointed at Ben and Kevin
“you two , jump in , we have a mission now”

Gwen moved closer to the RV
“What about me Uncle Max?”

Julie had ship show her face
“I could come with ship and help also”

Max shook his head
“Nah thanks girl , but i need Ben and Kevin only , now lets go”

Kevin entered the RV , followed by Ben who waved goodbye to the girl
“Be safe ! we shall be back !”

and the Rv disappeared just as it appeared

Gwen and Julie looked at each other

Gwen broke the silence
“What to go grab a bite ?”

Julie shook her head
“Nah , i need to return home before anyone call to check on me”

Gwen replied to her
“Okay , see you later”

Gwen was walking down the street , thinking , she couldn’t get what Charmcaster told her when she ambushed her doing her chores

“ Hah , you doing your own chores  ,where is your servants !”

“Where is your servants”
“Where is your servants”
damn it , thought Gwen , Charmcaster put that idea in her head
Why doesn’t her friends help her , should she try and find servant ?
Where would she afford servant ? she doesn’t have an alien that can shapeshift into armor like ship

Wait a minute she thought to herself , why not use Ship ? , she turn and goes to Julie house

She reach Julie house , and knocks on the door , Julie Opened the door
“Gwen ? i thought you were going home , come in , come “

after they sat on the couch Julie asked her

“So what bring you here Gwen?“

“ Is ship here ?”  came the question from Gwen

Julie replied to her “ he is in the basement resting ,why you ask ?”

Gwen smiled at her
“Well Julie you know i have a lot of chores around the house , and would like to take him to help me with them ”

Julie raised an eyebrow in amazement at the bald request of Gwen and replied to her

“I’m sorry , what again ?”

Gwen moved her hand and before Julie could say anything started casting

“Well if you aren’t going to give it to me , i’m going to take it myself”

the spell hit Julie , who froze in her seat

“ Now i have you frozen , you will need more work to mold you further ”

Gwen cast a confusion spell on Julie , making her open to suggestion

Then cast a spell to make her partly unfreeze her

Gwen point to her
“Now you can move your head but not talk , nod if you understand “

Julie nods

Gwen then start a conjuring spell
“Am i a friend of your?”

Julie nods again

Gwen still casting smiles and ask Juile
“And Friends trust friends right ?”

Julie nods yet again

Gwen finished her conjuring and a Collar appear in her hands

She place on the table

“ If we are friends and you trust me , you wouldn’t mind placing the collar around your neck wouldn’t you ?”

And casts another  spell to unfreeze her hand

Julie with her mind clouded , didn’t find the fault of what Gwen said or see any problem with taking the collar with the strange pink Glow , she picked it up and placed it around her neck

a sphere of pink energy surrounded Julie for a second , now her eyes were the same glow as the Collar

Gwen remove the last of the freeze spell on Julie

“So dear Julie who do you serve ?”

“I serve Gwen”

Gwen smiles again
“That is mistress Gwen to you”

Julie bow her head
“Yes Mistress”

“ Now i need you to try this trick , i don’t want the other to notice what i did with you “

She cast a spell to hide the collar

with the collar hidden , Julie eyes returned to normal

“ Now you can hide and bring it whenever i command you , bring it back Julie”

“As you wish Mistress”  Julie concentrate , and the the collar appear and her eyes glow pink

Gwen clap her hand
“ Fantastic , now you need proper attire to serve me , bring Ship and lets see what you can do “

Julie called Ship , who came into the room and saw Gwen , he knew her as a friend , and noticed
the collar , and felt some magic coming from it  , but Julie wasn’t scared or under duress else he would have felt it , once he merged with Julie , her thoughts indicated its important to her , so he ignored it

Julie started to imagine her new armor , ship followed her thoughts , starting with a high heel boots , higher than he ever created for Julie , but that what she had in her thoughts , he followed then by a skirt , and an Elbow length Gloves  and ended with headband

Julie took a twirl to show her Mistress

“Does the Mistress Approve ? “

Gwen smiling replied to her

“Yes , you look very lovely , now lets go to my house , you need to take care of some business”

Julie bow down
“As You wish Mistress”

and they both exited Julie house
a Small story based on Rosvo great picture here [link]


expanding of the idea
Me :)
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