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August 14, 2012
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Joana and Jana were walking , the disguise they had was great , because they didn't pull any attention or that what they thought , they move around the city , until they noticed a figure flying , and some people were pointing and some move quicker

They heard a young girl talking next to them

"look mom , UltraWoman "

the mother pushed her daughter to move
"yeah i know , mary , now lets move quickly before she decide to go down here"

Joana pointed to Jana to follow her , they took a back alley next to a warehouse which Joana noticed it was abandoned , and entered with Jana

Jana looking at her mistress
"why did we not try to meet the Heroes of This city ?"

Joanne ripping off her disguise  and throwing at the ground , Jana following

"We don't want to influence the future , we want to try as much to keep a low profile "

Joana looked at her wrist
"Hmm still time for the chronometer displacement beacon to recharge , well at least we didn't pull any attention"

They then hear someone shout


they turn and see a red head with a gun pointed at them

Joana quickly Draw her gun and point it at the mystery figure
And the story continue

First part

Second part

mentioned in the story
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hotrod5 Aug 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice, short and to the point. This is my kind of story and things are looking like they are about to get interesting. :D
you do know couple of spoiler :P
love the picture and the story, though considering the artist's love for disguises sorta surprised you were able to get him to stop there.
yeah there is :)
Huh, random redhed with a gun... random mugger or meant to be someone in particular?
moxiee Aug 14, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I have to agree with iamrhaza3617. It a little short. This could be a scene in a story but it not enough to hold it's own as a chapter. Overall it was good and you pay attention to continuity by having Ultrawoman fly by.
i don't consider it a chapter , more like short story :)
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