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Avengers Mansion

The avengers have just come back from another mission, and captain America called for a briefing at the meeting room

In there it was Iron Man, Captain America, Spider Woman, Wasp and Scarlet Witch

Captain America was pacing back and forth
Then he smacked his fist on the table

“This is unacceptable, how could Thor Leave when I clearly said we have a briefing”

Iron man opened his helmet
“Steve you know Thor, he need his Mead after fight,”

Captain America Interrupted him
“This is War! We declared war on Hydra and would not stop till we crush it”

Wasp leaned on Scarlet Witch and whispers
“What’s with Steve Wanda?”

Wanda whispered back
“I don’t know, but he is…”

And Captain America Interrupted her
“Stop side Talking, anyway it seem we are finding more A.I.M labs than Hydra bases
I will talk to Nick Fury at shield, Tony come with me”

And start to walk out of the room
But before he got out he look back at the women at the table
“Spider Woman your timing is off today you need to get some more training”

And leave with Tony following him

Wasp stands up and says
“I’m going to my company office; got some work to be done before tomorrow, see ya later girls”
And shrink and fly out of the Room

Scarlet Witch put her hand on Spider Woman shoulders
“Don’t get frustrated Jessica, Steve has been tense these past two months”

Spider Woman looks at her
“I know, but its pissing me off anyway”

Wanda laughs and tells her
“Don’t worry, he will apologize later mostly”
She then notice her golden bracelet flashing

She stands and moves out of the room
“Got to go to the ladies room, I’ll be back don’t move”

She goes out and checks that no one is near, then click on the Bracelet

A hologram of Madame Hydra appear
“Jade Witch, Captain America and Iron Man are out of the Avengers mansion
Start Stage two, bring me Spider Woman, Jessica is going back to her Roots”

“As you command Mistress Viper”

And the hologram disappear

Wanda calls Jarvis
“Bing some drinks to the meeting room, also Mistress said to start phase two”

And Jarvis bows down and goes the kitchen

Wanda went back to the meeting room

“Jessica, I told Jarvis to bring us some drinks then we will go out shopping, I’ll take you to a nice store I found out lately, you will enjoy it”

Then Jarvis entered the room
And while both Wanda and Jessica were drinking, Jarvis bring out a syringe from his pocket then he inject it in Jessica neck, she was surprised she couldn’t react fast
And everything went dark and she lost conscious.

When Spider Woman awoke, she found her self strapped to a strange chair, and couple of Hydra Agents running some tests, then they left the room, minutes later Scarlet Witch Entered the room, Spider Woman wanted to jump in joy, Wanda must be here to save her, then she saw Madame Hydra

“Wanda looks out!”

Wanda just turned back and Madame Hydra then embraced her in a kiss

“What is happening here?”

Viper smiled at Spider Woman
“Oh you haven’t been introduced to each other, how rude of me, Wanda if you please”

“Yes Mistress”

She then clicked her bracelet and says
“Hail Hydra”

And her cloth transform from her normal red to green

Madame Hydra point to her
“I introduce to you, Jade Witch”

Spider Woman shouts
“Wanda how could you!”

Wanda walks to Jessica
“The Mistress showed me the error of my ways, and so will you now”

She looks at Viper who gives her the approval

And Wanda press the Button that make it start

Spider Woman brain was bombarded with visions of Hydra
And Viper and echoing in her mind
‘I’m loyal Hydra solider’
‘Madame Hydra is my Mistress’
‘I obey all Madame Hydra Commands’

In an hour, it finished, Jessica was unstrapped off the chair

She then walked to where Madame Hydra was standing and knelt to Viper

“Mistress Viper, what are my commands”

Madame Hydra claps her hand
“Fantastic, Wanda be a dear and get her new costume and show her how to use the bracelet, then go to phase three
She pats Spider Woman on the head

“Now the Spider needs to trap the Wasp …”

And left the room

In no time Spider Woman was wearing her new Hydra Costume, and got
Familiarized with the Bracelet, they use it to change back to their Avengers cloth then
Head to Wasp Company

At Janet Company

Janet (the Wasp) was in her office when Spider Woman and Scarlet Witch entered

She looks at them
“What’s up girls?”

Spider Woman looks at her and says
“Me and Wanda were thinking since cap is coming late we should do a girls night out”

Janet look at them, Jessica was always business never one to go out for fun
Then she looks at the stack of papers in her office

“Sorry girls, I’ll take a rain check on that”

Scarlet Witch then says
“Then we will forcibly take you to the Mistress”

She takes out her Avengers communicator but Wanda shoots it with a Hex temporary
Disabling it, she shrinks and tries to exit the window but a spider net catch her

Jessica approach her
“Well, Well, it seem the Wasp fill in the spider Trap, how about you de-shrink now and
Follow us”

Wasp tried to resist, but something was affecting her, then she remembered, it was
Spider Woman pheromones, but she couldn’t effect people that way before
But she couldn’t stop her self, she grow back to normal size
Jessica walked to her

“Good girl, now follow us and don’t make a sound or alert anyone, is that clear”

Wasp couldn’t stop her self, she nods in agreement

“Good girl, now let’s go”

And the three of them leave the office

At Hydra Base

Spider Woman was leading the way, when they entered the room with the mind
Implanter chair and Spider Woman tell The Wasp to sit on the chair
They strap her in, and then Madame Hydra entered the room
Scarlet Witch and Spider Woman both pressed their bracelet and said
“Hail Hydra”
And transformed into their Hydra Costumes
Then Wanda spoke
“Mistress, Janet is here and is ready for the treatment”

“Perfect, start it up”

And Jessica pressed the Button and the process started

The Wasp (Janet) brain was bombarded with visions of Hydra
And Viper and echoing in her mind
‘I’m loyal Hydra solider’
‘Madame Hydra is my Mistress’
‘I obey all Madame Hydra Commands’

Then it was all done, Wanda remove her from the chair
“Welcome Sister”
“I live to obey Mistress Viper”

A hydra agent enters and hand Wasp her new costume and bracelet

She changes into her new hydra costume and stand in attention in front of Madame Hydra

And Viper looks at the three ex-heroines, now just
Serve Hydra and her; she looks at them with an evil grin
“Captain America and Iron man aren’t back yet, come girls serve your Mistress in bed”

The three of them answer in union
“As you command Mistress”

And they all follow her to her bedchambers

The next day

Captain America sat at the meeting table, he talked to Fury at Shield and he told him
That he didn’t know why they got more A.I.M Bases than Hydra, when Fury said it
Maybe something with the avengers it made Captain America Angry, there was no way
Any of The Avengers would betray him and help Hydra, but he told Fury that he will find
Out how and why, what ever the Cost

Then the Team entered, Iron man was the first, then followed by Scarlet Witch, Spider
Woman and Wasp, they seemed happier than normal, which was wired

Captain America explained that there is a change of strategy, they can’t locate any Hydra bases, so they will split up to two teams and hit smaller places, warehouses and hydra labs, target they didn’t hit because they were a bit small for the whole avengers team

Iron Man looked at Captain America and at the other Avengers then said
“But Steve, these types of operations should be left to Law Enforcement, not the Avengers”

Captain America slam his Fist on the table
“We are Law Enforcement!”

He then gets a list of places and says
“We are going to split into two teams, Team Alpha me and Spider Woman, Team Beta Iron Man, Scarlet Witch and Wasp, Is that clear”

Scarlet Witch Jump up and shout
“Sir Yes Sir”

She then start snickering with Wasp and Spider Woman
Captain America gives them an angry glare, then stood up and left the room, and Spider Woman followed him

Then Iron Man looked at Scarlet Witch
“That was a Crazy Stunt Wanda”

“Don’t be stuck up also Tony, anyway what is our Target”

Tony started checking on the Data Captain America Gave him; he didn’t notice Wanda winking at Wasp, then both raise their hand and click their bracers shouting

“Hail Hydra”

And Transform into their hydra cloths, Tony was taken back by what he saw happen
He set his repulser into stun mode and evade Scarlet Witch Hex bolt

He fire and his auto targeting system guaranteed the hit and Scarlet Witch is stunned and fall unconscious

He then search for the Wasp, but his sensors can’t locate her in the room, he then hear a voice next to him
“Looking for little me?”

He turns but sees nothing, and then it hit him
His system start malfunctioning and he feel a sharp pain in his shoulder

“Yes I’m in your Armor Tony, remember I can shrink”

He then sees her grow outside his Armor next to him, he try to shoot her but there is no response

“I hope you are not trying to use the Repulser against me, I have uploaded a virus that took control of your Armor, and it should be done now”

Tony Watched in Horror his menus change and filled up with Hydra Embalm
Then a window open up and he see Madame Hydra

“Hello Tony, nice of you to join us, I see my agents have been successful in installing our latest programming into your armor, so I can remotely control you from my secret lair
Anyway, I see you got Scarlet Witch, so I’ll need you to pick her up big boy “

Try as he hard as he could, the Armor didn’t respond to any of his command, not even trying to override them work, he pick up Wanda and follow Wasp toward Hydra Lair

Along the way , Tony was trying very hard to Hack into the Hydra Code , it was impressive , it seem Alien in origin , but he was getting close , then he see they reach their destination , then he find it , an opening ,he hack into and find it linking to one of the connectivity circuits on his armor , he tab into it and send the location of the Lair to Captain America , then he see his armor stop and Madame Hydra Approaching , he stop so she doesn’t notice what he did

She take out a remote and press a button on it , his armor open and eject him out immediately  But before he could do anything Hydra Agents hold and drag him into a strange looking chair

He shouts at Madame Hydra
“What did you do to Wanda and Janet you monster!”

Madame Hydra walks to him and hold his chin
“Me? A monster? why tony would say thing like that , I think you need to change your view of the world just as those lovely ladies did”

He spit in her direction
“The Avengers will stop you”

Madame Hydra looks at him
“Oh you mean Captain America and Spider Woman, are you happy that you were able to send our location to them?”

Tony was shocked, he tried to stay clam but his face betrayed him

Madame Hydra Laughed, and Scarlet Witch and Wasp joined her

“Yes Tony, we left that opening hopping you use to tell Captain America where the base is, to lure him to us , and you did as we expected you to do , no wonder , we had an expert on our side , come in please “

Tony looked at the Door and he saw Jarvis! His butler was an agent of Hydra! Why did he betray him?

Madame Hydra noticed the look of confusion on Tony face, put her hand around Jarvis
And tell Tony

“Since Captain America seemed to be affixed to destroy Hydra, we decided it was time to increase our team of operatives, with the use of technology we had, some developed and some stolen, the first of which is the chair you are at now, it’s a mind Implanter, it implement the thoughts we want in anyone mind, another technology you saw was the Bracers you saw our newest operatives use, well the third technology we want to show you is, if you please Jarvis”

Jarvis clicked a bracer on his hand and shouted
“Hail Hydra”

And Jarvis disappeared and in his place only a blonde with Hydra Costume

Tony Gasp

Madame Hydra point to the female and says
“Meet Jennifer; remember when Supria tried to turn Captain America and Paladin into females? well we took her blueprints and improved upon it , now all we need is to inject you a syringe and everything will be done “

And Jennifer hands Madame Hydra a syringe which she inject into Tony, and then she tell Wasp
“Janet if you please, start the process”

And Janet pressed the Button and the process started

Tony was torn, not only was his brain bombarded with visions of Hydra
And Viper and echoing in his mind
‘I’m loyal Hydra solider’
‘Madame Hydra is my Mistress’
‘I obey all Madame Hydra Commands’

But his body was changing as well, he was turning female also

And it was all done. The wasp and Jade Witch help the female tony off the chair

Madame Hydra approaches her and whisper in her ear
“Welcome Tanya”

Tanya looks at Viper and kneels down
“I live only to obey you Mistress”
Madame Hydra smiles
“Fantastic, now go with The Wasp to the Armory and let them fetch your new Armor
And let get ready to greet Captain America”

No far away from the Hydra Base was Captain America , since he and Spider Woman were used to sneaking and covert mission he decided not to call on backup avengers , he did try to call Scarlet Witch but he didn’t get a response  , so he assume she was captured with Iron Man

He was confidante that he would able to rescue the rest of the Avengers alone
He didn’t know that part of that Confidence was influenced by Spider Woman pheromones

They enter the base silently , and they escape detection or that’s what Captain America Assumed , then they see two Hydra Agents Guarding a Room , Captain America point to the right guard and then to Spider Woman and to the left guard and to him , then give the signal to attack , and in no time at all , both guards were unconscious

They enter the room and Captain America see Iron Man Armor at the Corner and Scarlet Witch with Wasp Tied to a table , he point for Spider Woman to Guard the Door and he goes and try to release the two Avengers

While removing the cuffs tying the two Avengers to the table he hear a sound coming from the door , he turn and see Madame Hydra with a Hydra Agent with Armor similar to Iron Man but female and Green

He shouts
“What is wrong with you Spider Woman? Why didn’t you warn me?”

Spider Woman smiled with an evil grin said
“And disobey the Mistress?”

She clicks her bracers and shouts
“Hail Hydra”

And he Hydra Costume shows

Captain America Was taken aback by what he saw
He takes a defensive stance and says to Madame Hydra

“What have you done to Spider Woman? And where is Iron Man”

Madame Hydra Laughs and then says
“Why Steve haven’t you noticed yet? Tony is no more, only dear Tanya here”

Captain America was shocked , not only did Madame Hydra knew his name but it seem they somehow changed Tony Stark , he look at Scarlet Witch and Wasp and see them standing up , okay he think to him self , four against  three , he need to take Spider Woman out of it Fast before she get change to jump them

He throw his shield at Madame Hydra and just as he expected the Female in Iron Man armor or as Madame Hydra called her Tanya jumped to deflect his shield , but before he could jump at Spider Woman  he feel something hitting him in his back , like  a Hex Bolt
Damn it was a trap all along, how could he missed it

Then before he could even turn to try and deflect the other hit the Wasp hit him with a sting and he fall down , before he loss his conscious he see both Wasp and Scarlet Witch calling out
“Hail Hydra” and change before his eye, then he fall unconscious

Captain America wake up later and find him self tied to a strange chair

He looks around and see Madame Hydra caressing Scarlet Witch and then he hear some female from to his left saying

“Mistress Viper, Captain America has Awaken”

He looks to his left and see Tanya smiling at him
But before Steve is able to say anything Madame Hydra approach him

“Hello Steve, you awoke finally, you know it would be fantastic to have a Hydra Field leader with you capabilities leading our newest team, Hydra Vengeance, what you say?”

Steve looks at her and says
“I would say never but seeing as the other Avengers joined you I assume you have a method of changing their mind and also you are going to change me as well “

Madame Hydra claps her hands
“Fantastic , you are very smart , anyway , we are on a schedule , I need to release some of my top scientist from a Shield Holding Facility and I believe Hydra Vengeance need their Leader Stephanie “

She brings out a syringe and inject him with it, then she point to Tanya, Tanya pressed the Button and just what happened to Tony Before was repeated again for Steve

When it was finished, there was no more Captain America, or Steve Rogers
Only Stephanie, Hydra Commander

After getting her bracelet from The Wasp, she clicks it and shout
“Hail Hydra “  
And change into her Hydra Commander costume

Hydra Commander kneel before Madame Hydra
“What is my bidding Mistress?”

Madame Hydra put her hand on Hydra Commander Chin, then left her face up
She then embraces her in a deep kiss, and then she says

“Hydra Commander, you are to lead Hydra Vengeance to Shield Holding Facility and rescue the scientist, nothing should stand in your way”

Hydra Commander bows and says
“As you command Mistress”

She then exit the room, followed by Jade Witch, The Wasp, Spider Woman and Iron Maiden (Tanya)

Madame Hydra smile and relax on a chair she then clap her hand
“Jennifer, be a dear and come massage me”

Jennifer oblige and while she is massaging Madame Hydra, Viper is looking at a screen next to her showing couple of Marvel heroes and says
“Who shall I add to Hydra next “
Second part to the story Hydra Raising : Wanda Fall

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jamesdark868 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015  Student Writer
I think that Madame Hydra should aim to get the Black Widow and Mira Hill next as she knows that some agents in shield will be very useful to eliminate fury as he is a grave treat as she orders Hydra Vengeance to bring her the Black Widow and Maybe Hawkeye as she knows that he is a good shot and will hopefully help to conquer the world as she hunts for the Hulk and She Hulk. I think that Stephanie should lead Hydra Vengeance deep into Shield territory hunting for the Black Widow and Mira Hill but come up against some obstacles namely Thor and Hawkeye who are aimed to stop them after hearing how they broke out those Hydra scientist's knowing that they most stop them no realising that they are the former avengers there former team mates. I think that Fury should observe the battle seeing how Hydra Vengeance fight similar to Captain America and the avengers as he quickly tries to contact avengers tower but his fears will be confirmed as he gets no answer realising that Hydra most have done something to the avengers he most find someway to bring them back. I think that Thor and Hawkeye should realise how similar this team fights to the avengers they will realise that Hydra most have captured the avengers and used there powers to turn them into women loyal to Hydra so they most bring them down but be easily overwhelmed by them.         
Kmon13 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 23, 2014  Student Artist
So will there be more to this since now that Viper now that she not only has her daughter back but key members of the avengers at her beck and call?

I'm thinking that maybe you should have Tanya Stark go after War Machine and Pepper for full control of Stark Industries next 
singory Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
I'm thinking of counting this story , still juggling idea's for this story and other :)
Kmon13 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Student Artist
just let me know when you do....

May I suggest adding Ms Marvel, Black Widow, and She Hulk to Viper's controvert list too?  
singory Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
we shall see what and who to add :)
Kmon13 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Student Artist
Geegeeman Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013
great story but your grammar is horrible
singory Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013
i know , english isn't my first language :)
batguy121 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So Does Hydra inject poison in her kiss too
singory Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
nah just a show of love
Lem15 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2010
i think you should do thor next. he was mentioned in this it be a nice transition
singory Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2010
maybe thor or move to another team depend on inspration
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2009  Student Filmographer
I can tell you have a good idea percolating in that evil Ultron brain pan of yours but the story doesn't do it justice. There is no flow, and the dialog is staggered and rough. The entire thing switches from a narrative explaining evens like a medical journal to dialog exchanges. If you had spent a little more time polishing the writing it could be a a real gem.
singory Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2009
yeah the story isn't the best :P ,while i felt there is a problem for some reason i couldn't put my hand on the problem
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2009  Student Filmographer
its mostly in your narative its bland and uncreative. Their s no flow just "this happens and this"
singory Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009
critic me not abuse me :P
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009  Student Filmographer
was trying to not abuse you needs a lot of work
Sound-Shinobi-Conor Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2008
Just got around to reading it :) I think I found my new favourite D.A writer xD. It's even inspired me to try some.

Keep up the great work.

Only other marvel character I could suggest to be added to hydra could be The Black Cat :P
singory Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2008
thank you very much for your kind words

well Black Cat is a good idea , have a story that I'm writing right now then I'll get back to the stories at hand :p
Sound-Shinobi-Conor Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2008
Awesome :) what's this one about?
singory Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2008
Batman , in the future :)
Goku96 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014
So something like Batman Beyond
singory Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014
not the same characters…
Sound-Shinobi-Conor Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2008
awesome, look forward to reading and commenting it :)!!!
caspertg Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2008
Oh my! A great and sexy story :D
singory Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2008
Thanks :)
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