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The Pit

The Conference Room

Cobra was defeated , its members either Jailed or dead , and to make it sweeter , they finally got the Government to use it Financial Hammer and traced most Cobra front companies and freeze it assets , Cobra couldn’t be reformed , and that made G I Joe obsolete , and all Joe’s returned to their original branches  

But that was couple of year ago , the pit was partly abandoned , The army kept a watchful eye on it , maintaining it , but now the Joes were back in the The Conference Room , the Joes started hugging and high five’ing , until duke took the podium

Duke looked around , not all Joes were there , he started

“Hello and welcome back friends , it been years since we finally defeated Cobra , we thought it was gone , but a new threat has appeared “

Flint stood up

“How ? Cobra Commander is dead and they don’t have the resource to start up !”

Duke click a pointer in his hand

And it shows couple of females wearing Cobra armor

“All we know is that they call themselves Cobra Vipers Squad“

He is interrupted by a whistle from shipwreck

Duke and the Joes stare at shipwreck

“They are sexy !”

Duke continued

“Their leader is a new Cobra Commander , a female”

Duke click the pointer and it show a female clad in Cobra Commander Armor

And another whistle from shipwreck

Duke facepalm and says

“That is all we know , any other questions , to answer shipwreck question before he ask it

No , you can’t bang the enemy soldiers or leader “

Scarlet stand up and ask

“But duke , there is very few of us right now , and i didn’t see any regulars here when we got in”

Duke smile and replied to Scarlet

“Don’t worry , we are doing covert operation now , not large scale like before , the Cobra Vipers been doing small steps also , and the pentagon has a plan to escalate our force in case we need it , we also got a valuable addition to our ranks , let me introduce ..”

He was interrupted by the door opening

They all see Covergirl enter, they turn and look toward Covergirl setting between them

Before she could move ,they charge her and hold her

Duke start motion them to stop , and they let go of her

“That is our new member “

She remove her mask , and under it she is the baroness

“Baroness is now helping G I Joe against Cobra Vipers”

Lady Jaye lunge at her  shouting


The joes scramble and barely separate the two ladies

Duke walk to Baroness

“I’m sorry , some people are still tense about you”

Baroness smiles

“No worry”

She turn and smile at Scarlet , who give her a stare down , or more like launching daggers out of her eye toward her

Baroness turn away from Scarlet

Duke give roadblock a file and flint a file

“Okay we will split into teams , Roadblock take shipwreck , covergirl , baroness and check the Salon we got tipped about , Flint take Scarlett Lady Jaye , and check the warehouse at the harbour ,  i will be here coordinating , good luck”

Both teams exit the Conference Room  , Roadblock takes an unmarked Van , Flint take an armored truck and head toward the harbour with his team

On the way to the Salon , baroness seated at the front turn to Roadblock

“I hope that anonymity doesn’t last with scarlet”

Roadblock replied to her

“Ah i wouldn’t make a big fuss about it , give it time , hey Covergirl stop messing with the AC”

Cover girl replied from the back

“It is hot and i don’t get no cold air here , was checking if its on”

Roadblock start mumbling

“Woman and Ac , its hot , its cold , its hot , its cold”

Baroness snicker

They reach their target , Roadblock open the file

“Cover girl and baroness , you two going to enter the Salon , we are going to provide backup , and we will listen to you all the way”

He hand them two mic’s for them to hide

Cover girl grab them both , then help baroness attach her , while they check on the masks they are wearing

She turn to shipwreck

“Stop your fantasy “

Shipwreck jump in his seat and hit the van ceiling

They all laugh at him

Cover girl and baroness get down from the van and head toward the salon

They enter the salon and the receptionist welcome them

“Hello there ladies , got an appointment ?”

They didn’t , so the receptionist look at  book in front of her

“Hmm , you're in luck , we can squeeze you in , but no street view saddly “

She stand and walk them toward the back of the salon and point to the seats

They sit and she call out

“Jenny and Sammy , customers “

Two female a blonde and a redhead  walk toward baroness and cover girl and beam a smile

The blonde speak first

“Hello , i’m Jenny And what you fine ladies up to today ? “

The readhead sammy lean in toward Baroness

“Maybe you want the special ? interrogation special”

She click a hidden panel and both Cover Girl and Baroness are strapped to their chairs

Then they hear panel opening and in seconds , their chairs are dragged down


The chairs slam to the ground and stop , it take few seconds for them to get their baring

They hear heels clicking toward them

Looking up , they see a female wearing Cobra Vipers costume , she bow to check the straps on Baroness then remove the masks on Baroness and Cover Girl

“Well well well , look what the cat dragged in here , good thing i managed to figure out these two”

Baroness recognized that voice , it was the receptionist

Two other enter the room , it seem they are Sammy and Jenny

Sammy ask

“Are they secured”

Jenny try to pull the strap on Baroness

“It sure is tight “

Baroness couldn’t help but glance at the door

Where was the damn backup

Jenny smile at her

“I hope you aren’t waiting for your backup , we took care of it “

Cover Girl shout at them

“What you want “

Jenny was going to talk but a mobile started ringing , she pick it up

“Yes Mistress , Yes we captured the joe’s , just as the spy said , what ? there are only three of us here , As you command”

Jenny point to the door

“Mistress demand we go to Alpha  three , it got compromised “

Sammy point to the strapped Baroness and Cover Girl

“What about them ?”

Jenny reply to her while exiting the room

“Mistress say we come back to them , it wouldn’t take much “

The three of them exit the room

Baroness start trying to wiggle out of the straps

She then glance at Cover girl and notice her removing the straps , and then moving to her to remove the straps from her which shock Baroness

“What ? how ?!”

Cover girl smile at her

“They checked your straps and forgot to check mine , i held up my breath when i got strapped which gave me room to wiggle , good thing they left”

They both exit the room running to the corridor checking every corner for ambush , at the end they find a ladder , getting up they get back in the salon , getting out , they head toward the van and find Roadblock and shipwreck tied up and asleep in the back of the Van

Cover Girl take the wheel and baroness goes and check on the joe’s at the back

“It seem they got gassed , wait let me report it”

Cover Girl look in the mirror and see Baroness taking out a walkie-talkie look-alike device

“As you suspected General , the new Joe’s have a viper mole , Baroness off”

She close it then climb to the front seat

“CoverGirl , I forgot to thank you for saving my life”

CoverGirl smile at her

“Don’t worry baroness , it's nothing “

Baroness smile back at her

“Also don’t tell anyone about the call just now , i work for another Agency helping G I Joe”

CoverGirl reply to her

“Don’t worry no joe will know of it “

And a big smile appear on her face

Baroness had to smile back

The radio in the Car start giving signals

Baroness grab it and open it

“Baroness here”

They hear Duke

“Finally someone replied , there was a firefight at the harbor , how was it at your end“

Baroness reply

“It was an ambush , but the fight at the harbor draw them to it and we escaped”

They hear Duke

“Good , i’ll send a location to you now , call sign alpha Delta Beta “

They receive the location and decipher it , and head toward it

Some time later

New Briefing  room

“Well the information we go it seem was a trap to test our capability , they couldn’t break us , but were close , so we should be extra careful , now dismissed l”

Two Days later

Three Cobra Vipers are kneeling down

A Redhead speaks

“We are Sorry Mistress we failed you”

The Blond talk after it

“We let the Joes escape from the Salon , exposing it”

Three female sitting at a table looking at the Three Kneeling

The one to the left

“Do not worry , you have done everything according to our plan”

The one on the right pointed to the redhead

“Did you track the signal from the van”

Sammy stood and used a clicker in her hand

A screen comes to life

It shows a female portrait

“Yes , The baroness was talking this  General  , she is the head of a new Agency and they report to the president directly “

The one in the middle turn to the one on her left

“You nearly gave the thing up back there “

“Sorry Mistress , my feeling boiled up “

The Mistress then turn to her left

“Since you gained her trust , stick with her , we shall plan to increase our members , maybe the General here would like to join our ranks with some  mind bending “

They all laugh

The end

Or is it ?

Nothing like it looks
A small story to break my writer block

inspration from 
I joined a new group

It just started but it is going to grow 

highly recommend watching or joining it :)
  • Listening to: Coleman Hell - 2 Heads
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* Yes i read about the new Captain America #1 , that is stupid , and they may make me abandon a story i was writing ( who want to write a story like the comics ) 

* There a New DC cartoon , DC super hero Girl , i checked an episode when it started , yesterday i saw a clip which had mind control on it , now i may need to check the whole cartoon :P

* Procrastination at max level , chipping away at stories little by little ( some times 1 line per hour ! ) 

* Tried to draw with a simple tablet pen , failed miserably 

* I should try to catch up on comics news , i have been left behind ( or just get an update , since everyone is restarting left and right ) 

* DA bugged on me , i couldn't renew Core , had to ask someone to gift it for me and i paid him , hopefully they fix then before the current one ends :P

that is it , a small update :)
  • Listening to: Coleman Hell - 2 Heads
  • Watching: One Piece
  • Playing: World Of Warcraft
  • Eating: Chips
  • Drinking: Tea

What Time it is ? 

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I joined a new group

It just started but it is going to grow 

highly recommend watching or joining it :)
  • Listening to: Coleman Hell - 2 Heads
  • Watching: One Piece
  • Playing: World Of Warcraft
  • Eating: Chips
  • Drinking: Tea


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Fan Ficion writer , mostly intersted in Roboticiztion And or Transformation and or evil corruption :)
Found a lot of Great artist in Deviant Art who i commissioned to give my stories Visuals

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