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Ravaged Baroness 01 by Chaoscroc CB Darcsyde by singory
Ravaged Baroness 01 by Chaoscroc CB Darcsyde
Commission by

:iconchaoscroc:  Inks
:iconthe-darcsyde: colors

It seem the Baroness has found a new weapon to attack the joes with , but will she go alone at them ?
Singory fursona by Rosvo by singory
Singory fursona by Rosvo
Commission done by

Rosvo had an offer on Chibi's so i jumped in 
here we got my fursona Singory
which i have no idea why it wasn't uploaded earlier

WAAAY earlier ...

I have couple of failed concepts and idea's , how would you like to view them 

68 deviants said Pictures and explanation why they failed
31 deviants said idea's and pictures welcome
14 deviants said pictures please
3 deviants said Keep them AWAY !
Lady Ultron

I can hear you saying wait a minute , Lady Ultron ? you have a folder full of her pictures…

Well its not Lady Ultron that was Abandoned , but part of her story was dropped 

well if you followed the start of Lady Ultron , she was The Scarlet Witch taken over by Ultron
Scarlet Witch Vs Ultron
Wanda Maximoff A.K.A the Scarlet Witch was walking when suddenly she heard the sound of metal foots running toward her
She turn and see its was Ultron, she immediately leap into action and fight him
He dodged couple of her Hex bolts but he can’t dodge for ever
After she hit him with couple of hex bolt she hit him with one that disable him , then she start chanting and cast a big one that destroy him
She walks to the destroyed robot, inspecting his wreckage
She holds his head and looks it
Then she says
“No gloating this time Ultron? No I’m going to destroy the Avengers, You were awfully quit this fight “
Suddenly the Ultron Head start to buzz then she hear a sound from it
“That is my dear because the fight hasn’t finished yet”
Scarlet Witch was surprised but before she could drop the head or question the meaning of it , the head attached it self to her , she tried to fight it off but she couldn’t
She couldn’t cast a hex bolt at it , first it

Scarlet Witch Vs Ultron 4 by singory

well i followed that series of picture and story with another series of picture

where Lady Ultron make Sue storm also like her

Lady Ultron 3 by singory

if you follow comic you would recognize that as a Kree Sentry, and this is part of the problem

See a sentry is very close to Sentinel , and i was going in the idea to make another merger 
( avengers with robot nemesis , Fantastic four with robot , X-men with robot nemesis ) 

but two things happened

The artist that did those pictures stopped for a while , and i thought Sentinel is too close to Kree Sentry 
i tried making Lady Ultron go after other robot / cyborg from other Media ( comic / Cartoon )  and it seem everyone liked that 

not to mention i already had a story called

Phoenix Sentinel
Sentinel Base
Master mold was looking at his creation, a small humanized robot
His programming called for eradication of mutants, but each time the X-men foiled his plans
After further analyzation, Master Mold  concluded that the best method of attack is to deprive them of their strongest weapon against him , it wasn’t wolverine feral berserk  , or Cyclops leadership , it was team work , and for that they always synced their actions with telepath
So his new Creation is a robot with Telepathic capabilities, while he was running diagnosis test a warning is ringing in his base , he check the parameters monitors , and it’s a team of X-men , they found his base too early , he doesn’t even have enough Sentinel to mount a defense
After a short fight, his small sentinel force were decimated, and the X-men face him, he look at them
“So how you were able to locate this base, there was no activity lately for you to follow to this base”
Jean Grey also k

so that didn't help 

and there it is folks , another installment of abandoned idea's , something to think about while couple of commissions finish :)
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I do not Draw , I commission :)
Fan Ficion writer , mostly intersted in Roboticiztion And or Transformation and or evil corruption :)
Found a lot of Great artist in Deviant Art who i commissioned to give my stories Visuals

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