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So i was checking comic ( american ones ) preview and saw something

I knew of

from Chaoscroc stream , and saw him on neo-robia art 
Cargo Bay Preview by aurapandora

But what i didn't expect , was him going to Marvel Comics !

Really i8cherrypie , you where that sick of swiping floor that they move and changed your name ? 

Yes i know its not i8cherrypie , but you can't say it isn't close :p
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Phoenix Cobra Agent by eryckwebbgraphics by singory
Phoenix Cobra Agent by eryckwebbgraphics
Commission done by

And another Join Cobra Ranks , the start of Bringing X-men over to Cobra Sides ? 
High above the city , the city defender and major heroine , IO girl was flying

her armor gleaming , she was looking around listening to police scanners searching for disturbance , when a smiling face appeared on her hud visor

“Nothing to report here , Jess , nothing on police scanners “

the face on her Visor replied
“ I know Sam , I also follow the police scanners ,but you seem to have left the Manson without breakfast”

“Jess don’t act like mother , for your I took a protein shake “

“Well Sam , you need some caffeine it seem because there is a warning of incoming missile and you aren’t paying attention to it “

She couldn’t finish her sentence because she went into a maneuver to avoid the missile
while the missile didn’t score a direct hit at her , it did explode near her

the shock sent her nose diving into the city
the face in the Hud started Shouting
“Sam, i’m taking over “

the armor started thrusters to slow down

then sam opened her eyes
“Wow that was a dozy”

and looked at the Visor and saw that she was quickly approaching the ground

“Sorry Jess but I need the control back”

she changed the thrusters direction and was able to slow herself down , and then she was back flying up

“Thanks Jess for the backup”

“Be Careful Sam, and yes I have pinpointed  the Anti Aircraft missile Location”

Sam Smiled back at the face in the HuD
“You know me better than i know myself “

Jess gave a sly smile
“Of course I do”

Sam reached the roof of the building where the rocket originated from , and found a man who just finished loading another missile

she flew down at him and knocked the rocket off , then held him by the Neck

He spat at her
“We will avenge our leader the mighty King Fang !”

the police burst into the roof , the man look at them and shouted

“The Fang will Bite”

Suddenly blood starting to spurting from his ears
The first cop that reached him look at his ear and turned to the other cops
“Yep , same as the others”

Sam placed him on the ground
“I don’t know why they rig all their thugs to die like this “

one of the cop replied to her while placing the thug in a body bag
“Less work for us , one report and done , no questioning , no transport “

the cops laughed

IO girl didn’t feel easy , when a female cop walked toward her
a hologram woman appeared next to her

the female cop , a lieutenant said
“Hello IO girl , Mainframe , sorry my boys are a bit rude”

She turn and give them a stare down

they stop laughing and continue their work
the Hologram replied to the lieutenant
“Great to see you also lieutenant Jane”

IO girl wave to the lieutenant
“Hiya Jane”

The hologram turned to the armored girl
“IO girl !”

The lieutenant laughed
“No need , anyway , if you can send me a report of what happened here with video and pictures i would be grateful “

The hologram took a small bow
“Of Course lieutenant , we now need to go and check on IO girl Systems “

IO girl take flight , and the hologram flicker and disappear

Back at The hideout

IO girl removed her helmet ,  pulled  laptop and sat at a couch
the screen at the hideout started up and showed Mainframe face smiling

“Sure Sam , just sit and watch silly cat videos and let me do the reporting “

a wire jacked into the helmet , a box appeared on the screen showing video of the morning incident , and another box popped up and a report getting written in it

unknown to Mainframe , IO girl found an old smashed Hard Disk  , she was able to recover what was in it , but the data was encrypted and she was checking if the software she had on her laptop was able to decipher it , she could have used the supercomputer they have but she didn’t want Mainframe to know

It seem there were couple of videos , strange , why would someone try to destroy that?

She click one and see herself walking around , it seem like a surveillance video of the hideout
it was a regular boring surveillance video , she speed it up , nothing much , she move to the second and then the third

suddenly she see herself entering the hideout , then a big explosion , and a man wearing Green armor and with snake crown on his head and shoulder
a fight ensues between the two , but the man start breaking her armor part by part
then bring up a Snake blade and stab it into her

She Gasp
Which made Mainframe face raise an eyebrow
“What are you looking at?”
And before IO girl was able to close her laptop

“Ah the old videos , you found the hard disk and restored them it seem , I should have known , I did program that skill into you”

IO girl stood up and pointed at the screen
“What is the meaning of them , when did this happen ! I don’t remember this at all ! “


and suddenly IO girl sat down and couldn’t move

“A good girl doesn’t point”

“How did you do it !”

Mainframe face smiled at IO girl

“TO run any Input output or IO you need a mainframe  , I control you , You want to know the Truth ? , let me show you , I copied all the videos and hid them away from you but you managed to find that Hard disk , let me tell you the story”

The large Screen showed the a still image of The man in the green armor with his sword stuck into IO girl chest

“See you stopped here , let me explain , First off , that Guy is King Fang , he was the leader of the Fang gang , I was a young heroine , just like you when I went against him , he defeated me , I barely escaped but he followed me , and to show how weak I was he came alone “

The Video box next Mainframe replied the moment that King fang entered the hideout and him stabbing IO girl , and continued to show him shaking her lifeless body off his blade and falling on the ground , motionless , and he was laughing

Mainframe showed an angry face
“You killed me ! “

IO girl was crying
“ I don’t understand “

Mainframe face changed
“Oh right I forgot to continue , that girl wasn’t you , it was me , King Fang killed me that day
But the supercomputer that I built had the armor connected  to it , and was able to transfer my  consciousness to it , since that was a plan I built into it “

The Video continued , it showed a couple of wires grabbing into King Fang , and shocking him
he slumped into the ground , a crane held him up , then couple of mechanical hands started to remove his armor , then placed him a chair similar to the one IO girl was sitting on

Straps appeared around him , binding him to the chair
the main screen flicker , and show a girl face , she shouts for a while , her face change to a smile

“oh that is my face when i remembered the cache of forbidden experiment i confiscated from criminals like hormones suppressing , Gene altering , Mind Numbing Drugs , the works “

The hands come back with needles and start stabbing the man strapped to the chair

“Now let's fast forward a week “

the video Speed up , it shows stabbed with more needles while his body keep on changing ,  shrinking down , muscles disappearing , breast appearing on his chest , his hair turn brown

after a bit , a small girl  strapped to the chair ,  while trying to wriggle , another needle get stabbed into her neck  , she slumps down , straps retract and  the crane appear and pick her up the mechanical arms start placing armor on her , and finish up with the helmet  , then place her standing on the ground

A hologram of a girl appear next to the standing armor girl , she walk around the armor girl inspecting her

“oh this part “ and Mainframe start laughing

the hologram girl stops next to the armor girl and start to grow , she become taller and  her breast bigger also

“can’t let you be better or similar “

IO girl reply to her while still crying
“You changed me ! you mind wiped me ! you are treating me like a toy robot”

Mainframe appeared in front of the sobbing IO girl

“Oh shut up you”

and motions with her hand a slap , what IO girl didn’t expect was that she felt a slap !

The shock make her stop sobbing , she then see a mechanical hand retracting back
Mainframe bend on her

she then step away from her
“Now you fight for justice , and if by any change the Fang are able to kill you , they would have killed their leader , so win anyway for me “

“YOU … YOU “

Mainframe wave away at her

“No more words from you “

The helmet get placed back on IO girl , then the computer attach a wire to her

At First , IO girl started shouting and wiggling around , then she stopped

After an hour , Mainframe appeared back , she motions toward the Laptop , a mechanical hand grab it and throw it in a bin , then it short out and start burning inside

She then point toward the helmet and another mechanical hand rove, and the straps retract ,  a small jolt wake up IO girl at the chair

“Wha, What happened Jess ?”

“You slept again at the console Sam , go wash up and get some sleep “

“Maybe I should do that “

And she start walking toward her room and sit in a special pod with her armor , another helmet  cover her head and start humming

after seconds she is fast asleep

Mainframe thinking to herself
“I better check if there is any other evidence to that fatal night , I don’t want to reprogram her every weekend”

and she let out a snicker
So i saw this contest advertise in many groups , and it seem to be a nice challenge 

Reverse-Corruption Contest $300 in prizesReverse Corruption Contest
There is a good deal of corruption work out there both official and fan-made. For some reason many of us delight in seeing the good guys be forced to serve under their sworn enemies. But I’ve always wished that there was more material depicting the alternative, the hero subduing and taking control of the villains.
The goal of this contest is to create a piece displaying the idea of reverse corruption. This means drawing something originally evil converted to the forces of good. The rules are as follows:
-The official start date is January 5th and the official end date is March 15th.
-This contest accepts both art and writing. You may use pinups, comics, sequences, short stories, captions, or anything else you want to use to depict your idea.
-You may use any character for this contest. Official works, OC’s or create someone new specifically for this contest.
-You must be able to prove to me and the judges that the character is evil. For official c

Well i was able to finally to work around the writer block i had and wrote something , i'm going to enter the contest and i'll going to post the story later this week 
( doing last minutes checks ) 

While i don't enjoy reverse Corruption ( more of a corruption guy really ) wanted to try my hand it 
( not to mention :iconjimma1300: kept asking me about it , so two birds one stone ) 

But any avid follower may ask , why write another story when you already did

In the End , Evil no more
The Justice League satellite was orbiting Earth high in space.
The atmosphere was of gloom and dark, Batman has called a meeting of
the Justice League. In attendance was Batman, Superman, Wonder
Woman, Green Lantern, Black Canary and Green Arrow.
Batman looked at the people sitting at the table. The aftermath of a great
battle was showing on them, the wear and tear. Black Canary had
a broken leg and her left eye is bandaged. Green Lantern had a broken
arm. Batman himself had couple of broken ribs, but he was able to hide
the pain from the others.
He slammed his fist on the table. "Luthor and the Legion have gone too far
this time."
Green Arrow replied in a mocking tone, "Don't they always..." and he was
interrupted by an elbow by Black Canary.
Batman stared at him. "This is no time for your comments, Ollie. Lois
Lane and Robin are in the ICU, Jimmy Olsen is dead, the others were
a bit lucky to be able to walk with few injuries. Not to mention we hav

The answer ? because i wanted another challenge :P 

So hopefully next two to three days i would post it , so stay tuned :)

also if you want , you should totally go for it , but know you have low change of winning because i'm in it  ( <-- wow so full of him self :P  ) 
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What Time it is ? 

31 deviants said Halloween Time
24 deviants said Hammer Time
8 deviants said Beauty Time
7 deviants said Mother love Time
So i was checking comic ( american ones ) preview and saw something

I knew of

from Chaoscroc stream , and saw him on neo-robia art 
Cargo Bay Preview by aurapandora

But what i didn't expect , was him going to Marvel Comics !

Really i8cherrypie , you where that sick of swiping floor that they move and changed your name ? 

Yes i know its not i8cherrypie , but you can't say it isn't close :p
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Santa Esmeralda - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
  • Watching: One Piece
  • Playing: World Of Warcraft
  • Eating: cheese sandwitch
  • Drinking: Tea & milk


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Found a lot of Great artist in Deviant Art who i commissioned to give my stories Visuals

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Commission: Christmas With The Batgirl
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