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Slowly opening her eye, she couldn’t see anything

Had she even opened her eye?

Yes, feeling coming back to her

She did open her eye

But it is Dark

Darkness surrounding her

Wait, it's a cowl, not hers, but one covering up all her head, she couldn’t see anything in this cowl, not to mention breathing mix air and the smell of leather

She wanted to remove it, but her hands are shackled to something

Shackled! Who and where and why!!  

Wait, I  shouldn’t panic, she told herself, I  need to figure out my surroundings

Well, First off, my hands shackled, I’m covered in a leather cowl, and I’m sitting on what seem like a horse saddle

And wearing too much leather, the Opera length gloves, the corset, and boots

The boots did have a nice feeling to them, maybe incorporate them to her costume next time

Focus Barbra! , You need to escape this predicament before you add or change stuff in your costume, you're not not Catwoman

Catwoman! Maybe it was Selina that is doing it, could it be?

His train of thought is interrupted when she hears a faint sound, she recognizes it as heels clicking

It gets closer, until it stops next to her, she feel someone placing a hand on her shoulder and leaning on her

“ I see you are awake “

It was Selina, she recognize that voice  she tried to move and try and grab her

She hears a laugh, then it stops

“Stop fighting Batgirl, or I should say Barbra “

Batgirl tried to respond, but all what came from her was muffled sounds

She then felt a sharp pain in her breast, Catwoman was pulling something, a ring on her nipples!!

“I will have a lot of fun with you, and in due time you will enjoy it as well, and I will have my own sidekick “

And with that the pulling stopped , and she started to hear a duffle bag zipper getting opened and items been ruffled inside it , this is going to hurt a lot Barbra figure out

And Catwoman said in a joyful tone

“Let the fun begin !”

Saddle Up
For Saddle Up - Story Writing Contest!

a contest by renderpretender

Just a small story , tried to write something inspired by that picture :D

Wish me luck , because if do a follow up picture is the prize :p
Aya by ScittyKitty by singory
Aya by ScittyKitty
Commission done by

A new follower for Lady Ultron 
and she is much improved if you ask me
Aya under attack by scittykitty by singory
Aya under attack by scittykitty
Commission done by

Aya from Green Lantern Cartoon , who is attacking her ? what is that silver ring ?
Fem-dandy By ScittyKitty by singory
Fem-dandy By ScittyKitty
Commission done by

Sometimes you get an idea , and try to commission it so you can use it spot for another idea :P

Which story i should try to work on ( no Joana / Jana , they have two comics incoming ) 

35 deviants said Marvel Story
23 deviants said Dc story
5 deviants said Joanne ( my OC from angel fall )
4 deviants said Something Random ( comment )
3 deviants said Singory ( my Fursona )
I'll try to keep it as spoiler free as i can 

- Avengers 2 
nice movie , strange the powers they gave Wanda , she can fly / hover now which she didn't before ( she started doing it in the current comic also .. ) 

- Ant Man
The end credit ( first one ) should have happened in the middle , i'm pissed we didn't see more of it , now i can't wait for the next one ( or avengers 3 ) 
Second post credit give a hint of how the next movie going to be , which was obvious from following hollywood news and gossip 

- Big Hero 6
love the design , the story ( in general ) 
my problem with it , is the downplay of marvel connection ( even the painting / action figure in fred room ) and de-powring of all characters 
not to mention adding a token black character because they need a token black character by removing a Japanese one 

- Terminator Genisys
Skynet is the worst overlord and should study the " top 100 things i'd do if i ever became an evil overlord list  " 
i'm sure even :iconchaoscroc: would do better 

- Iron man 3 
Tony likes to go into danger without his armor a lot that he do in the comic ( he did it in the Avengers 2 movie to ) ...

- Brave 
Nice Disney movie , clearly the kids were put to make more kid friendly and add comedy , they had no role in the movie 

- Minions
Yes i watched it , it was enjoyable and short , not sure if it connected to despicable me 2 , ( i only watched despicable me ) 

- Fury
Nice Tank action , i don't know why , but Brad Bitt can do a lot of american accent , i still feel its dub'ed over him 
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Fan Ficion writer , mostly intersted in Roboticiztion And or Transformation and or evil corruption :)
Found a lot of Great artist in Deviant Art who i commissioned to give my stories Visuals

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